One Rule Not to Break

February 29, 2020 1 min read

One Rule Not to Break

Sometimes I break the one rule I shouldn't.

I stop listening to my body.

To its wisdom.

When my body hurt, I kept going.

Shoulda rested.

When my body was tired, I watched another episode of Curb.

Shoulda slept.

When my body was stressed, I tried to escape through distraction.

Shoulda meditated.

Some rules should be followed.

Self-compassion rules for example.

The ones telling you to slow down and take care of yourself.

That you might need to do something to be healthier.

My patient Flavie once told me, "Dr. Steven, How ya gonna take care of all of us if ya can't take care of yourself?"

You might need to do something. 

Something just for you.

Something to allow healing.

Something to allow sleep.

Something to allow peace.

Listen to your body a little bit more today.

Keep listening.

Microstep: Let your body do the talking today.  Let its wisdom pour over you. Your only job is to not break this one rule.

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