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One Nanosecond

One Nanosecond

It won't mean a thing.

Even that thing that you think WILL mean a thing.

In a hundred years, even THAT thing won't mean a thing.

Long lives.

Short lives.



Humility takes practice.

Because we think it all means so much.

Right now.

And then.

And in the uncertainty of hundred years from now.

A hundred days from now.

A hundered minutes from now.

A hundred seconds.

A hundred nanoseconds.

One nanosecond.

You think you're reading this word "in the present moment."

You're not.

There is no "present moment."

The light travel time from the screen to your eye is about one nanosecond.

One billionth of a second.

Every word.

Every person.

Is in the past.


Leave it there.

Because it won't mean a thing.