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Not Afraid

Not Afraid

I'm not "Afraid."

I'm Steven.

One of 7 billion human brings roaming around right now.

I experience fear sometimes.

But "Afraid" is not my name.

It's not a life-defining quality of mine.

When people ask me about myself, I don't reply with "I'm afraid."

I have fear.


Fear about launching my book.

Fear about standing up in a room full of strangers and trying to make them laugh.

But I have to do these things.

Or I'll die.

It's life and death for my soul.

I have the fear sometimes.

I try my best to not let it stop me.

Most of the time, I'll do whatever it is anyway.

Despite the fear.

Maybe I'll look like a fool.

I have a fear of looking foolish.

That's different from, "I'm afraid."

I'm not afraid.

I'm just a human being.

Who sometimes has fear.