Love Is The Strongest Medicine: Notes from a Cancer Doctor on Connection, Creativity, and Compassion

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Who Are You When No One's Watching?

Who Are You When No One's Watching?

How do you act?

What does your movie character do in "the movie of you?"

When no one's watching your movie.

When no one's looking?

Empty theater.

Especially when no one's looking.

You are not your good intentions.

"I'll try."

Try to press the letters "t" then "r" then "y" on your keyboard.

Go ahead, right now.

Did you try?

Or did you just type "try?"

You are not what you think you might try.

You are your real thoughts.

That lead to your real words.

That lead to your real actions.

All that leads to integrity.

You are the path of destruction you've left behind.

Of fear.

Or the path of connection you've left behind.

Of love.

The people you've moved.

The hearts touched.

The souls inspired.

The work you've done.

While living.


Falling in love.


Amassing wealth.

Raising children.


That you've got it all handled.

Or pretending that it's all a mess.


After control.

After power.

But we can't control one thing.

There's no power over it.


We have limited time on earth.

Connectedness matters.

Real human connection matters.

It matters even more.

When no one's "liking."

When no one's "following."

When no one's "sharing."

When no one's watching.