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Never Look Back

Never Look Back

I pushed the tape into the VCR.

Remember that feeling of the tape sinking into the VCR vortex?

Ah, that's one for the ages.

I still have a VCR.

For the sole purpose of watching my wedding tape.

Haven't watched it in 18 years.

I'll convert it to digital one of these days.

Then I'll never go back.

Never go back to the old way.

The old pattern.

I have old ways of doing things.

My internal VCR.

Until I don't.

Until I grow out of it.

Until I really learn the lesson that's there to learn.

Only then, I'll never go back.

Until I reach the point of no return.

Then I'm truly through the threshold.

The daunting doorway of learning.

Never to return to the old brain pattern.

I'm going through these doors every day.

Some slam in my face.

So what.

The door of workability.

Never returning to unworkability.

Some relationships just don't work.

They just don't.

The door of authenticity.

Never returning to being someone I'm not.

I can only change myself.

I can only control how I respond.

The door of please-ability.

Never returning to trying to please everyone.

No one can.

Not even you.

The door of daring-ability.

Never returning to my comfort zone.

All galvanizing growth occurs out of my comfort zone.

Yours, too.

The door of acceptability.

Never returning to perfectionism.

No one's perfect.

No one.

The door of honest self-accessibility.

Never returning to escapism.

Observing who you are.

In every circumstance.

Why am I where I find myself?

Why are you?

Open a door.

One that's a point of no return.

Walk on through.

Never look back.