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Like This Feeling

Like This Feeling

I desperately needed a routine.

A morning routine.

A midday routine.

An evening routine.

Any effing routine would do.

A ritual.

A ritual chock full of tiny healthy habits.

It was time to wake up.

Time to be present to my inner Captain Caveman.

He didn't have an alarm clock.

I hate alarm clocks.

Hate everything about them.

Even the ones that promise to be Zen-like.

So I wake up to the sun.

Like he did.

I sit in my cave for a few minutes.

"Me need a little me time."

Maybe meditate.

I don't know.

Perhaps recite a short poem.

Then I leave my cave.

I go outside.

Early morning sun is good for sleep regulation.

Yay, melatonin.

I take the extra time to walk.

To walk outside deliberately and with mindful awareness.

During this time, I put yesterday aside.

So I can enter today with freshness and goodwill.

"Me like this feeling."