Learn From Love

January 19, 2020 1 min read

Learn From Love

Any small problem.

It could be smaller.

Or bigger.

It's how you look at it.

Is everything a problem?

Or an opportunity for personal growth?

Is everything that happens to you a problem?

Or is it just what happened to you?

What sunglasses are you viewing them through?

The glasses of shame?



Recognize that what happens is only what happens.

Everything else is what you add to it.

How you interpret what happened.

We're wired to make problems out of everything.

Wired to feel shame.

Don't use fear to cope with what happened.

Fear standing for forcing, escaping, attacking, reacting.

Find a minute to send love to what happened.

Love standing for listening, observing verbalizing, empathizing.

Take a heart-centered action.

From your soul.

Nudge what happened toward love.

Listen if it's useful or not useful for your highest self.

Observe how you want to escape from what happened.

Verbalize how you're not going to escape.

Empathize with your wonder-filled child-like spirit.

Learn from love.

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