Know Connection

June 14, 2019 1 min read

Know Connection

I don't know shit.

I know a lot of oncology.

And I do help a lot of people.

But I don't know shit.

Like really know what makes you human.

What makes me human.

What truly is a human being?

Is it possible to really know?

I sound crazy.

But that’s exactly what I'm trying to do.

To understand you.

And me.

And us.



I know oncology.

I don't know why my Buddhist monk friend got cancer.

All he did was eat healthy vegetables and meditate.

Peter Himmelman wrote a song called Mission of my Soul.

This is my mission.

To discover.

To discover heart.

To discover soul.

Where's the heart and soul of a human being?

In connection.

In every aspect of connection.

Especially the heart-to-heart connections.

I don't know shit.

But I know connection.

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