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I'm The Pillsbury Doughboy

I'm The Pillsbury Doughboy

"I hate my abs. Forget a six-pack, I’ll take two. Just gimme a two-pack."

I'd say this to my wife.

I wanted to quit planks.  Side planks too.  Russian twists.

Any ab exercise.

I asked my friend. Would you train me?

She looked at me like I was a macadamia nut. You need discipline, she said.

I didn't even want to spend the time working out.

Because I thought my abs would be nothing but Pillsbury Doughboy-like forever.

I came from being skinny. Now I was skinny fat. I was slipping back to worse than skinny, I thought.

I felt like I'd never belong in the good abs squad. 

I couldn't change my abs in a day. If I'm "Pillsbury" today, I'm still going to be "Pillsbury" tomorrow.

But I started to realize it was abs-olutely my choice.

That the direction my abs were going in was my choice.

I spoke with Natalie Jill. She helped me make it fun again.  

That the journey towards Absville could be fun.

I made being a member of the "Awesome Absquad" part of my exercise habit.  

Then I wrote "The Abs Song".

Here's a few lyrics:

Hit the road fat

And don't ya come back

No more no more no more more

Hit my core abs

Say bye to them flabs no more

Pillsbury Doughboy can be so mean

That's no way for me to get lean

Don't ya treat yourself this way

Two-pack's gonna be mine someday

That's my new name ab rap name:


Microstep: It's time to start having fun again regarding your health challenge.  Make up a song about your abs.  Play a character in the gym.  Hans and Franz.  Whatever makes it filled with joy. Reinfuse it with fun when you get into a rut -- and you will.  We all do.