I'm Broken

By Dr. Steven Eisenberg

I'm Broken

I'm broken.

Aren't we all in some way?

I'm a doctor.

I bandage up people.

Then I get bandaged up again to face the next patient.

To face the world of medicine.

To face my world.

The one I created.

So here I am.

The bandaged bandaging the bandaged.

"Patient" means to suffer.

To suffer sometimes is to be human.

That backache?

You're a patient.

I'm a patient.

We're all patients.

Every day there’s a new patient.

What can I possibly do to help that human being sitting across from me?

Every day a new answer to explore.

Listen to them.

Listen more.

Offer them the best of science.

Offer them the best of nature.

Offer them the best of me.

Then I'm not so broken.

In that moment.

Being with them.


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