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I'll Never Know

I'll Never Know

Trying to find the perfect moment?

Well, good luck because it doesn't exist.

There is no perfect.

There is no moment.

There's only now.

When I realize the present moment, it's gone.

What is happening now is already over when I perseverate on it.

There's only my interpretation of what is happening and what happened.

What is happening is too hard to interpret.

When I try, it's already the past.

A curveball.

Let me first say that this curveball is not meant to upset anyone.

It's there to save me from frustration.

If I could have one superpower, it would be able to experience the present.

Over and over without trying to fix it.

Without trying to change it.

Without trying to wish it were anything but what it is.

I have no perfect moments.

But don’t necessarily count that as a bad thing.

Because I can be here imperfectly.

I can be imperfect over and over.

Experiencing now again and again.

Coming back to the same question.

The curveball.

How's now?

What about now?


Ok, now?

I can ask.

Right now?

I'll never know.