Hacking for Humanity

June 28, 2017 1 min read

Hacking for Humanity

Hack this.

Hack that.

Hack hacking.

Hacking hacks.

Health hacks.

Productivity hacks.

Finance hacks.

Computer hacks.

We get it.

We're all hacking for humanity.

Trying make humanity better.


Even better.

Even easier.

It's hack attack smack!

How do you hack hacking?

You stop trying to hack everything.

Stop trying to learn every trick.

There's too many.

Stop trying new tactics every day.

Tomorrow there will be even newer, better, shinier tactics.

The latest strategy.

There's no best "strategery" out there.

Save yourself time.

Do more.

Actually get stuff done that matters to you.


Just start.

Pick the one thing that will make a huge difference in the life of someone else.

And do that.

Start now.

And then be unstoppable.

Do the right thing.

And then do the next right thing.

Keep on doing the next right thing.

How do you know the next right thing?

You know.

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