Love Is The Strongest Medicine: Notes from a Cancer Doctor on Connection, Creativity, and Compassion

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How to Go Small and Why It Matters

How to Go Small and Why It Matters

Go small.




Do one thing today.

Release some guilt.

Some pain.

Let go of a little fear.

Nudge yourself towards love on one thing.

One tiny thing.

Forget big sweeping lofty life-changing goals.

Change your life by going small.

Think small today.

One less fry.

One more spoonful of avocado.

One minute of meditation.

Floss one tooth (thanks, B.J. Fogg).

Going to bed 10 minutes earlier.

We only begin when we begin small.

We only change when we change small.

Life really transforms when we start with small changes.

Small changes in how we sleep.

Small changes in how we eat breakfast.

How we do a morning workout.

How we kiss our kids before school.

What we listen to on our commute.

How we speak to our colleagues.

How we get up from our Herman Miller chair and move a little.

How we grow is how we live small.

Go smaller.

Microstep: Start your day by going smaller.  Even smaller than that.  Begin with the thing you hate the most.  Say you hate stretching.  Stretch just one joint.  Just one. There -- at least you started. Tomorrow, maybe add a tiny bit more.