Go Fish

July 03, 2019 2 min read

Go Fish

Go Fish.

A game.

A game within a game.

A game within the game of life.

We play this game of life with other players.

"Michael, do you have any threes?"

"Steven, go fish."

We usually play super tight with two to five players.

Although it can be played with up to 7,714,576,923 players.

It can be played in about 80 years.

Sometimes much less.

Sometimes more.

Why play at all?

Because you might just win.

You might have a lot of fun playing.

You'll definitely lose some hands along the way.

That's just the way the cookie crumbles.

Another major reason to play is that you can rise.

You can rise up.

Like the sun.

You can rise as high as you want.

With the love and support of others.

Others you meet while playing.

You meet them while playing on the same court.

Playing full out.

Sometimes they're in the stands.

But mainly on the court getting messy.


Down in the turf.

You'll finally meet a trainer with whom you work well.

Who can guide you through your next play.

Your next move.

Whether to Go Fish.

In any game, your potential to play well is there.

You've got it.

But success varies.

It vastly increases if you find a caring Go Fish coach.

Someone who can teach you.

With a gentle guiding hand.

Guiding you in a way you understand.

Like Fishman.

Michael Fishman.

He helped me Go Fish.

He gave me advice.

Advice I needed.

Delivered in a way that I could hear.

That I could understand.

That I could use.

That stuck with me.

We should all Go Fish.

We should all be so lucky.

To Go Fish with Fishman.

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