Love Is The Strongest Medicine: Notes from a Cancer Doctor on Connection, Creativity, and Compassion

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Enter At Your Own Risk

Enter At Your Own Risk


At your own risk.

Or don’t.

I don’t know.

Do you want to enter?

It's risky after all.

Is it worth taking the chance?

Putting yourself on the line?

There'll be criticism.


All of it.

Putting yourself out there.

Why bother?

Why take such a huge risk?

Laying it all on the line.

You may expose your worst part.

Even if you try your best.

That's the risk, isn't it?

Looking bad.

Looking pathetic.

Like a fool.

A fool in love.

When you love, you sometimes hurt.

Sometimes you bleed.

Watch out for the barbed wire.

You might get stuck.

You might bleed a little.

Or a lot.

You might fail.

Enter anyway.

Despite the risk.

Because of the risk.

All the way.

Be Dumbo.

Be the elephant in the room.

Then fly.