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Don't Just Do Something -- Sit There.

Don't Just Do Something -- Sit There.

I try to fill up my time by "being productive" at things.

Writing every single day is the result of "being ultra-mega (ha) productive".

Doing something.

Anything except being alone with my own thoughts.

With that glorious nonsensical sound that you repeat in your mind known as a 'mantra'.  

Even though we all know the research behind meditation is indisputable, we'll still find excuses such as "being busy", "meetings", "coffee talk (no big whoop)", and we just can't squeeze in the one thing that can help us relax, focus and de-stress.

So today, instead of doing the next thing just sit there.

Close your eyes and repeat your mantra in your mind.

Don't have one? I'll give you one.


It's the one that Deepak recommends for beginners.

There you go.

No more excuses.

Sit there with eyes closed and think "So-hum" in that pretty little head of yours and repeat it.

And repeat it again.

Just notice when you're not repeating it and start repeating it again.

Breathe and repeat this whole setup for 10 minutes.

Five minutes before breakfast and five minutes before dinner is an awesome way to start.

Schedule it in your calendar.

Call it "focused and serene at age 75".

That way of scheduling will allow it to exist for you as a future possibility.

Microstep: Meditate with the So-Hum mantra.  Right now. Don't just read this and do another thing. Just go sit there. Yep, there. So-Hum.