Compassion Fatigue

By Dr. Steven Eisenberg

Compassion Fatigue


Yes, it's real.

Many in the healing professions are vulnerable to it.

We deal with heart-wrenching stuff.

Day in, day out emotional challenges.

Sometimes patients' stress affects us deeply.

You can lose your sense of hopefulness.

Compassion Fatigue can get better.

Mindfulness can help.

Observe your thoughts like clouds drifting by.

Give them a musical rhythm.

Give them a color.

A sound.

A shape.

A song.

Then let them be.

Release them.

You are not your thoughts.

You're the observer in the silence between your thoughts.

You are not your emotions.

Let them bubble up, express them from a safe, loving place.

Then let them go.

Gently move back to your now, your sensations, your body.

Every day, practice this.

Bring your creativity and curiosity to work.

Every day, practice closing the divide between work and play.

This is the beginning of the end of compassion fatigue.


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