Love Is The Strongest Medicine: Notes from a Cancer Doctor on Connection, Creativity, and Compassion

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Podcast Topic Expertise + Topic Descriptions:

Debunking Digital Health: What's Changing, What Will Never Change, and How It Will Impact You

This topic is ideal for hospital administration, medical and patient care industry staff. Steven leverages his extensive medical background and his work in health technology to shed light on the advances, how they are impacting the medical staff, the patient experience, and overall patient care.

Specific examples Dr. Steven will walk through:

Exponential medical technologies 101: How they are impacting medicine form AI, Robotics, Big Data & Machine Learning

How patient engagement through technology leads to better health outcomes

How high tech and high touch are not mutually exclusive; in fact, they need one another

The Future of Health Care

This topic is for all heath care industry groups looking to understand and get ahead of the technological advances that can propel health care forward. Dr. Steven walks through the changes that are already here, the opportunities that exist and how embedding a culture of adopting technology in your hospital, clinic or organization can lead to lower costs, better care and higher touch practice with patients.

Specific examples Dr. Steven will walk through:

How to capture, leverage and profit from your healthcare organization's data

The future of electronic medical records: More than just a digital file cabinet or bust

The future of medication adherence: Patients can't get better if they don't take their medicine

What happens to patients between our visits? Telemedicine advances and check-ins

The future of the waiting room: Something better than a 2-year-old People magazine awaits

Health Hacks

There are a lot of tools out there to help you better you improve your health, but which are just a fad, what's designed to fail, what works and what will work for YOU. Dr. Steven will dig into his years of work following - and dictating - the latest trends in health, patient care and the psychology of adopting better habits to walk you thru what tools are out there and what you need to be paying attention to. And hey, for any investors in the room, you'll want to listen extra closely to see where you should be investing in the future.

Specific examples Dr. Steven will walk through include:

How micro healthy actions can lead to macro health changes

Ways we can create accountability so we actually stay lean and healthy rather than gain weight during stress

Lateral shifts, or healthier versions of your favorite foods

The #1 secret weapon for fast, lasting fat loss

The biggest needle mover for fast, lasting fat loss has nothing to do with diet or exercise

Ways we can reduce stress during any time of year

The study that showed people could lose DOUBLE the weight by doing this one thing alone

The simple strategy helped everyone curb cravings 100 percent

CPR for the Soul: How to Wake Up Your Heart and Jumpstart Your Life

This topic is for all health care industry groups looking to understand health-worker burnout and get ahead of the advances that can prevent burnout, cure it, and bring back the joy in healthcare.

Specific examples Dr. Steven will walk through:

Compassion: The secret to any relationship. When you get into another's shoes, you can hear them for the first time a new (listening is key)

Presence: Digital distraction is killing us. How to be here now and stay balanced without giving up your technology. The Digital Sabbath (observing your body is key)

Resilience: How to keep on keeping on no matter what circumstance you're currently facing (Verbalizing and Empathizing are key)


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