Love Is The Strongest Medicine: Notes from a Cancer Doctor on Connection, Creativity, and Compassion

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Getting better can be fun.


Are you kidding me?



Is this the worst thing that has happened in your life?

If so, how could fun even matter?

It does matter.

Because you matter.


Fun* is the most important thing.

*Fearless unconditional nurturing.

You have the power to decide what fearless means in your life.

How unconditional love shows up in your life.

How fearless unconditional nurturing impacts you.


Feeling bad sucks.


I'm not saying it doesn't.

But what if you had a more powerful context surrounding it?

And what if those insights transformed your entire life?


A huge component of your health is dependent upon your perception.

Your perception of your health.

Of what happened.

To your health.

To your life.

Your perception is your interpretation of what happened.

And your interpretation gives it meaning.

Meaning of any kind.

Even a meaning sprinkled with fun?

Even a meaning sprinkled with fun.


I've been "having fun" with thousands of patients since 1992.

Some of them have had the worst cancers in the world.

And they were still able to have fun.


So thanks for being here.

I'm so grateful.

For your listening.

For listening from your heart.

H: Heart (Hear the meaning you give to your health and your life)

E: Engage (Engage with the meaning you assign)

A: Acknowledge (Acknowledge that you give meaning to everything that happens)

R: Rock (Rock the meaning to a more powerful one)

T: Transform (Transform yourself and your life with this knowledge from the heart)


Relax your mind.

Love your body.

Inspire your soul.

Create a masterpiece with me.

That is, a life you love.



We go deep.

Together, we can be fearless.

We rock unconditional love.

Together, we have a ton of nurturing heart.


Let's connect.

Let's create.

Let's heal.


Right now.




Dr. Steven