Love Is The Strongest Medicine: Notes from a Cancer Doctor on Connection, Creativity, and Compassion

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What A Pain

What A Pain

What a pain.

What a pain pain is.

Pain plays a vital part.

A part of the game.

A part of the game of life.

A part of the practice.

A part of the practice of living.

A part of the art of living.

A part of everything.

Everything we experience.

Every thought.

Every spoken word.

Every action.

Can be associated with some sort of pain.

Illness is pain.

But so is wellness.

When our ego tells us we are superior to others.

We're not.

You're not.

I'm not.

We're all pain producers.

Painful production assistants.

We each have our pain.

And we can only be responsible for our pain.

You don't cause them pain.

You might think you do.

They might think you did.

But unless you're into MMA and pummeling someone, you didn't really cause pain.

It's more about how your opponent deals with pain.

Pain is in the interpretation of what happened.

Something happened.

And someone creates a painful interpretation of what happened.

The interpretation is theirs.

The pain is theirs.

Cause it's their pain.

And your pain is your pain.

Remember your pain.

Remember it today.

Remeber it tomorrow.

Allow it to guide your compassion.

Allow it to guide your work.

Every pain teaches us.

Pain when working out.

Pain when communicating.

Pain that wakes you from sleep.

Or keeps you from falling asleep.

Pain can be subtle.

Pain can be loud.

Move toward the pain.

It's the only way.

If you resist the pain, it will persist.

The only way to get through it is to move towards it.

Feel it.

Accept it.

Embrace the pain.

Welcome the pain.

And only when you're ready, begin to slowly let go of the pain.


By learning from pain.

By taking action from what you learned.

To prevent the same pain from occurring over and over again.

Pain teaches.

Pain transforms.

Pain is a pain.

Except when it's not.