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The Skinny on Anti-Aging

The Skinny on Anti-Aging

Let's get real.

Let's simplify things for once.

Don't get sucked into the trillion dollar "you need this, this, and especially this to live better and longer."

It's all the hokey-pokey in disguise.

I've personally seen the below work thousands of times.


It will cost you zero dollars extra.

Here we go.

Rule # 1: Set Smart Limitations.

I'm guessing you don't smoke.

Good. Keep it that way.

If you drink, don't drink heavy.

What's "heavy" drinking?

More than 2-3 drinks on any day or 7 per week.



We've covered the big two.

But oh, there's more.

Hang on.

Hang on tight.

Rule # 2: Choose a Few Essential Things and Do Them.

Have sex.

Twice or more a week.

Oops, I forgot the third and final rule.

Rule # 3: Start Small.

So, I guess start at once a week sex.


I'll leave it at that.


Mediterranean diet.


Guess what?

They don't have soda over there in Mediterranea (just go with me on this one).

Bodyweight exercises three times a week.

Super simple bodyweight stuff.

Air squats (even getting down to a chair and up again).

Push-ups (even on knees).

Basic core stuff (knee planks, etc).

Add some balance stuff (those little corrections when balancing are priceless).

Sleep eight hours.


Yoga and meditation.

You'll fall asleep better.

You're able to calm yourself if you get up at 3 am.

And drift back to sleep.

Pick up a new instrument.

Pick one.

Any musical instrument will do.

Learn it.

Brain healthier.

Write one email a day acknowledging someone in your life.

Like, "Hey, I love when we laugh together."

Soul food.

That's it.





Microstep: Don't believe the hype. Just do what's proven above. Do a little each day. Consistency is the key.