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How to Take Your Next Step (Yes, THAT One)

How to Take Your Next Step (Yes, THAT One)

Who are you becoming?

What are you becoming?

What's your next step?

Your next dance move?



Nah, that's not you.

You're a force to be reckoned with.

A beacon of light shining through whatever death spin the media says we're currently in.

But it takes something though, doesn't it?

You wake up, do the miracle morning thing and then what?

You commit to taking one step.

The next one.

Just this small step.

This 'lil dance move.

For anything you want to do.

For anything that excites you.

For anything you can dream up.

Like you did as the seven-year-old you.

The one that was unstoppable.

That danced just because.

The one where resignation, self-doubt, and cynicism were just big 'ole words in your Merriam-Webster dictionary.

Take the time to figure out your next move.

Whatever it takes.

Whatever works.

Figure it out.


Take a deep breath in.

Let it out slowly.

Meditate on it.

Let it marinate a little.

Now you're as prepared as you'll ever be.

You're as young as you'll ever be.




Now that wasn't so hard, was it?

Microstep: Let yourself be as prepared as you'll ever be.  Dare to take that first action today on your project.  You know the one.  Yes, the one that moves, touches, and inspires you. Go.