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My Mind Happened

My Mind Happened

What a jerk!

I was upset.

At least I thought I was.

It was just out there in the ether.

What had happened.

Not my interpretation of what had happened.

Just the 'what happened' and nothing else.

Separating the two takes work.

My What Happened Workout.

Here goes.

Who I am is the action I take.

The action I take based on my interpretation.

My interpretation of what happened.

Not what in reality happened.

But what in my mind happened.

What happened in my mind?

Brain patterns happened.

My brain created all kinds of stuff.

Normal human brain stuff.

Tired, worn out, past-based human brain stuff.

Loop-the-loops of thought.

Stories, reasons, meanings, concerns, predictions, rationalizations.


What really happened?

My mind happened.