My Aching Soul

March 10, 2019 1 min read

My Aching Soul

My face was scarred beyond recognition.

My head and neck bashed into the windshield at full speed.

I couldn't speak clearly for more than a month.

Life was in crisis.

One after the other.

But one thing kept revealing itself.

Over and over it kept shining brilliantly.


Love from family, friends, nurses.

Even doctors!

Go figure.

I learned to always strive to become better at loving.

Even those that I don't wanna love.

That's how I'd get better.

How I'd become better, too.

By embracing the possibility of sharing the love in my heart.

Maybe someone else could get better if I gave as much love away.

As much as I received.


As much as I could.

It saved my life.

It saved my aching soul.

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