How to Really Be a Better Listener

By Dr. Steven Eisenberg

How to Really Be a Better Listener

We all want to be better people.

We want better health.

We want better relationships.

"Healthy" relationships.

What does a healthy relationship have?

Give and take.

Relationships are creative endeavors.

They're not easy.

They are created each day.

When you reach out and old-skool call someone.

Preferably on a rotary phone.

I want to find what is hidden inside of my relationships.

How I can be a better friend.

A better listener.

Listening is not an easy to thing to do.

To explore life with another human being.

To wander with curiosity.

To not assume you know everything about them.

About life.

To not be Judge Judy judging them.

To be there.


Better together.


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