H.O.P.E. (Hold On, Pain Ends)

May 15, 2017 1 min read

H.O.P.E. (Hold On, Pain Ends)

Pain sucks.

Nobody wants it.


It hurts.

It really effing hurts.

We all experience it.


I don’t like pain.

I hope you're not in pain.

If you are, I wish whatever happened, hadn't happened.

I'm in pain right now.

Lower back.

Left sacroiliac joint.

So what?

I'm reframing this pain as an opportunity.

As an education on pain.

On life.

What's this pain here to tell me?

To teach me?

Pain 101.

How does it feel?

Sorta dull.

Why is it here?

It's telling me to move my butt outta this here chair.

What makes it better?

There's this special exercise I do for this beloved left sacroiliac.

It helps.

Can I hold on?

Because pain ends.

But what if it doesn't end?

Like my first patient today.

They came in mostly hopeless.

Because of pain.

We tweaked some stuff.

They left in slightly less pain.

But with a ton more hope.

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