February 19, 2019 1 min read



Start now.


Not tomorrow.


Be firm with yourself!

You're starting today.

You know what there is to start.

So start today.

Any day but today will seem like a better day to start.

It's not.

It's now.

Today is meaningful.

Today is mindful.

It's here.

It's the present.

It's learning to start.

To discover your power.

To be in the world around you.

Fully in the world.

Out here in new ways.

You will fail.

At least a little bit.

It won't be perfect.

Who cares.

Cultivate self-compassion.

Take the time to listen to your inner Great Gazoo.

The part of you that cheers you on.

Don't be discouraged.

Focus on the process.

You started.

You did something.

Don't judge everything.

Especially yourself.

Be kind to yourself.

You did what you said you'd do.

Make mistakes.

Then be kind to yourself.

Make more mistakes.

Be kinder to yourself.

Make more.

Be kinder.


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