Love Is The Strongest Medicine: Notes from a Cancer Doctor on Connection, Creativity, and Compassion

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Getting Lost is a Great Way to Find Yourself

Getting Lost is a Great Way to Find Yourself

Get lost.

Then find yourself.

But get lost first.

Do you even know that you're lost?

You are.

I am.

We all are.

Get there.

Get lost.

I walk around looking down at my screen.

I've walked into the street while looking down at my screen.


It's the like the lost and found from my elementary school.

I left something there.

I left something behind.

The things I was passionate about.

I left them there.

In the third grade lost and found.

I accept that I'm lost.

It's OK.

We all are.

What to do?

I resolved to take one action on a passion project.

Just one.

Do that action imperfectly.

Repeat another action tomorrow to nudge it forward a tad.

Make that action my "one thing" for the day.

Do it imperfectly.

Accept imperfection.

Good enough.

I'm finding my way.

Finding myself.