Converted into Purpose

July 11, 2019 1 min read

Converted into Purpose


Doesn't exist.

Stop pursuing it.

No one is perfect.

We have faults.

Everyone does.




Acknowledgment is the antidote to perfection.

Notice when you're in it.

When you're in deep.

Like an unbiased observer.

Super tough but doable.

Keep at it.

Notice it.

Take a pause.

Then keep going.

Acknowledge it all.

"I notice I'm trying to be perfect."

I know it's unattainable.

And yet, here I go again.

Keep acknowledging.

"I notice I've never really dealt with my parents’ divorce."

I feel like a loser.

I escape into an iPhone-induced trance.

I'm afraid I'll never turn my mess into success.

I'm addicted to food.

To sugar.

To Netflix.

I feel ashamed.

Keep acknowledging.

Keep embracing.

Kepp accepting.

Keep shifting.

Keep integrating.

Keep loving.

Keep playing all out.

You'll fall at times.

Trust me.

I've fallen too many times to count.

Bled my heart out until I was anemic.

Tons of scars.

Some are still healing.

Each scar a sage.

A profoundly wise wound.

Always there.

Accompanying me on this journey.

Pain converted into purpose.

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