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How to Cultivate Childlike Wonder

How to Cultivate Childlike Wonder

I spent the day with my eight-year-old son.

We went on a mini-adventure.

What did you like when you were eight?

I liked heights, Star Wars, comic books, drawing cartoons, and making cassette tape radio shows.

The best one was called "Ivy the Spoiled Brat."

What did you do to explore your eight-year-old world?

My son brought out the best in me today.

We went to the top floor of a hotel and looked out over the Pacific coastline from the seventeenth floor.


We talked about early man.  Life on other planets.

Star Wars.

We drew a funny cartoon character together.

Comic books.

We explored with our minds and spirits.  Interviewed each other about what we like(d) as eight-year-olds.

Radio show.

It’s never too late.

Microstep: Do your "loved it when I was eight" activity today.  Force yourself if you have to. You will soon be that free-flowing eight-year-old creator.  You always were.