Love Is The Strongest Medicine: Notes from a Cancer Doctor on Connection, Creativity, and Compassion

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A No

A No

A no.

A "no" is a "yes" waiting to happen.

Are you a "yes" waiting to happen?

Or a "no" waiting to happen?

Showing up ready to love who is in front of you is a "yes" waiting to happen.

Not showing up out of fear of failure and disconnection is a "no" waiting to happen.

"Yes" waiting to happen is being there fully when you're there.

You're saying "yes" to whatever life is delivering.

When you're a "yes," life tends to deliver fulfillment.

To occur in a fulfilling way.

When you're a "no," life tends to deliver disappointment.

To occur in a disappointing way.

Being a "yes" waiting to happen is not replying "yes" to every single request.

It's simply being a "yes" wherever you are right now.

Fully with those right there.

Right now.

It's wanting to be where you are.

And being super present where you are.

Simply because that is where you are.

It's not "I'll say yes tomorrow."

You could be dead tomorrow.

It's more simple.

It's saying "yes" to what is.

Being there without trying to fix and change everyone and everything around you.

It's being a "yes" to be there for those around you.

To listen from love.

To contribute from love.

This very moment.

Simply because.

Because you're there.

Because you make a difference by being there.

Because you say so.

Because you choose to be a "yes" waiting to happen.

Because you choose to show up.

Because you choose "yes" to right now.