Love Is The Strongest Medicine: Notes from a Cancer Doctor on Connection, Creativity, and Compassion

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The Art of Heart

The Art of Heart

As Sai Maa says, “As a healer we are to be in our hearts.”

That quote above really sums it all up.

What does it mean to be in your heart?

I think it comes down to three practices which I call ‘The Art of Heart’.

And I have a daily intention to paint my masterpiece.

1. Listening from the heart: Just getting what people are communicating from a place of compassion and mutual understanding. Not doing anything else with it other than really hearing it.

2. Speaking from the heart: Always looking for how your words can heal or defuse a situation rather than throwing gas on the fire. After all, your words become your world.

3. Leading from the heart: Connecting two people who should know eachother and having people feel bigger after each interaction with you.

I mean, face it.

We’re all healing in some way or another, and not just from cancer or a heart attack.

But from a break-up, a job we dreaded, disappointments, and everything else.

Life throws things at us all day long.

Things that all need healing.

Even the crazy traffic jam you were in earlier today.

“As a healer we are to be in our hearts.”

Stop saying it and start doing it.

Practice it every day you have left on earth.

Make your art “being in your heart.”

It’s interesting that “Earth” has all the same letters as “Heart”, but “Earth” without “art” is just “Eh.”