207 Barry Katz - Your Undeniable Cannot Be Denied

December 23, 2020 2 min read

Barry Katz on The Dr. Steven Show with Steven Eisenberg

Today on The Dr. Steven Show, I have a very special guest and friend of mine who has been a huge influence in my life. Comedy manager, consultant, and host of the "Industry Standard" podcast, Barry Katz has been a longstanding pillar of the comedy scene, working with such comedians as Dave Chappelle, Louis CK, and Wanda Sykes, among many, many others.

On this episode, we're looking beyond Barry's comedic skills into his life achievements and particularly, his recent changes in his health and lifestyle that have given him what feels like a new life. Since he was very young, Barry has experienced serious tragedies, including his wife dying just 8 months after they were married. But one thing Barry has learned over the years is that fate is not only a negative that we must try and outrun, but the very thing that helps us grow and gives us the ability to change into who we want to be.

"Fate is an amazing thing, positively and negatively, but a lot of times it ends up being positive." - Barry Katz


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"Your undeniable cannot be denied." - Barry Katz

Show Notes:

  • Why sometimes life can feel like a whack-a-mole game
  • How a tragedy early in Barry's life has changed him completely
  • The negative/positive of a community helping somebody heal
  • What Barry has changed in his life since the pandemic started
  • How Barry persisted past the initial difficulty of bodily health and now can never go back to how he was before
  • How a whole slew of preventative tests from Thailand helped Barry change his fear into action
  • Barry's unusual instincts and how fate has guided them into the life he loves
  • Why preventative treatment is so difficult to find in America
  • How Barry became so knowledgeable in colon operations
  • How entrepreneurship and creating your own lane can get you out of the rat race
  • The power if intention in your dreams and eventually achieving them

"As my mother used to say, 'you make plans and God laughs'." - Barry Katz

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