The One Billion Diet

By Dr. Steven Eisenberg

The One Billion Diet

Sit up.

Put down the pizza slice.

Stop slouching.

Pick up the avocado slice.

I'm talking to myself.


Talk is cheap.

Posture is huge.

So are extra-large pizzas.

I believe that a healthier way of eating is possible.

By putting intention to work.

A mindset of "skiing with Brandon when's he's twenty".

Let's see 46 + 13 = 59.

Ok, I'll be 59.

I'll have about one billion seconds left to live at that point.

I guess I'll let go of the results.

There’s no one way to eat.

There’s no rule. That's what comes up for me.

My diet might change as well from moment to moment.

Some go back and forth between "skiing at 59" and "hiking at 71."

Ultimately there’s no one diet that’s perfect for everyone.

Just what you care about.

How your billion seconds will go.