Daily Dose: George Michael

Musical Meditation

By Dr. Steven Eisenberg

Musical Meditation

I miss Prince.

I didn't know Prince.

I knew his music.

Made me feel like I knew him.

Songs live on.


Forever in me.

In you.

Songs can soothe your soul.

Healing from the inside out.

I remember hearing 1999 for the first time.

Blew my mind.

"It'll never be 1999," I thought.

I played Prince in a college skit that won us Greek Week.

I wore a purple tux.

With ruffles.



I imitated my favorite.

My Dad introduced me to Earth, Wind & Fire in the 1980s.

I soon discovered Fantasy and September.

Jeff Buckley's version of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah released "a tear that hung inside my soul forever."

 I wrote Music Heals to help myself.

To help me let go.

To help heal my sadness.


Music Heals


Ground control to Major Tom

Commencing countdown Bowie


Ziggy Stardust Spiders from Mars

Made us feel like life was ours

When Doves Cry in Purple Rain

Revolutions never sound the same

A Pop Life Prince ruled the guitar

I Would Die 4U whoever you are

You gotta have Faith c-c-c-c-c-c-come on

A Careless Whisper to which we were drawn

Be your Father Figure with One More Try

Gave Freedom to all and never asked why

Earth shining like a ray of light

Wind strong as the Phoenix's might

Fire like a singer's soul

Pure as White the funky goal

I heard there was a secret chord

Cohen made me hear the Lord

Music always heals right through ya

A moment for love -- Hallelujah!


Microstep: Listen to your deserted island album today (you only get to bring one). From the first track to the last. Eyes closed. Allow whatever memories and emotions arise to just be there with no judgement. Breathe deeply, give them a “mental hug,” and let them go. Put a sign on your door that reads “Do not disturb, musical meditation in process.”

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